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Jeff Francoeur and the Origin of Bacon Tuesday

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Kansas City Royals outfielder Jeff Francoeur has been a solid pro, playing for four teams over a six year career. “Frenchy” has posted a career batting average of .270 and has always been highly-regarded among teammates as a guy that enjoys– and understands– the game of baseball and it’s place in his life.

The “Bacon Tuesday” tradition Francoeur has established with a certain group of passionate Oakland A’s bleacher bums is further proof that Francoeur gets it– he understands how lucky he is to play a game and that it’s supposed to be fun.

Well, God forbid.

The origin story of Bacon Tuesday is entertaining to say the least.

Upon the Kansas City Royals first visit to the Oakland Coliseum last summer, Francoeur heard a very vocal and passionate– but small– group of A’s fans behind him in right field living it up, making plenty of noise, and just having a great time.

As a tip of the cap to the fans, Francoeur tossed a ball into the stands wrapped with a crisp $100 bill and told the fans to use it to buy bacon or beer. The A’s fans ate this up and wear their “Bacon Tuesday” shirts in the Royals outfielder’s honor whenever the two teams battle at the Coliseum.

This afternoon, in his first return trip to Oakland, Francoeur ordered several pizzas for the right-field bleacher bums and attached a note for all of them to “keep makin’ bacon”.

Gotta love it.

In response, the fans chanted “Thank You Jeff! Thank You Jeff!” over and over again throughout the inning.

In a day and time when all we read– and sometimes write– is about tenuous and often downright nasty relations between fans and ball players, the interchange between A’s fans and Jeff Francoeur is refreshing to say the least.

Here’s to hoping Bacon Tuesday is a perpetual tradition.

The game could use more like it.

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