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Russian President Putin Wins Hockey Game After Inauguration

Nothing like a good old fashioned hockey game, where the President scores the first goal and the final goal of the shootout, to prove Russia is not back to having a dictator. Vladimir Putin, returning Russian President, took to the ice after his inauguration.

Putin led a bunch of amateur hockey players against the “Legends of Russia Squad,” which included former pro players. One such player Slava Fetisov is trying to win the top sports-related position in the new government. Although, I think everyone is still trying to figure out how beating a team of “Russian hockey legends” is supposed to create pride for the country.

With all of the makings of a game from Mighty Ducks Four, Putin scored the team’s only goal, before winning the game in a shootout. The shootout goal came with Putin skating about two miles an hour towards the goal, turning around and putting a backhand in the gaping hole on the side of the net. The goalie hardly moved to the left of the goal to stop it. If these are the legends of Russia then maybe the United States should stop celebrating the miracle on ice.

With the Olympics heading to Russia, it will be interesting to see if Putin decides to suit up with Washington Capitals’ Alexander Ovechkin and Duncan Siemens. Maybe practicing on Colorado Avalanche goalie Semyon Varlamov, would be a little harder for the President.

The world is still waiting for Barack Obama to announce a legends game, where he and Joe Biden take on the Lakers’ legend team. Of course, it is expected that the President would pull a Bugs Bunny and call on Michael Jordan and Bill Murray to help out, as they did in Space Jam. Even more exciting, the Queen of England is hoping to lace up and score a header goal for her country on a David Beckham corner kick. As with many athletes, the signs have begun – Putin for President, 2016.

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