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Call Me Maybe Parody Explains Why You Should Not Hesitate to Draft Adrian Peterson

One of the biggest dilemmas facing fantasy football owners is what to do with a stud running back that is coming off of an injury. Maybe the biggest example of this coming into the 2012 fantasy football season is Adrian Peterson. AP has been an absolute fantasy monster for several years, but is coming off of a tear to both his ACL and MCL. The Minnesota Vikings have treated Peterson with kid gloves so far this offseason, going so far as to forbid anyone from touching him during training camp.

While Peterson has finally been cleared to get hit at practice, trying to determine how quickly he gets back into “football shape” and gets on track to living up to his “All Day” moniker, this has left fantasy owners with quite a conundrum. If they reach and take him too high, it could be devastating for their team if his progress is delayed. At the same time, if they wait and try to let him slip in their drafts, they could miss him and take the chance of passing up on one of the best running backs in the NFL.

A new parody video titled “Draft Me Maybe” has recently surfaced that lets its viewers know exactly why they should not fear taking Peterson with their first round pick. The video is yet another parody set to the tune of the incredibly poppy “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen and attempts to ensure viewers that because the faux Peterson in the video can run up hills and run through the mall without any complications, they should not hesitate to draft him with a first round pick.

You can view the video here: