MLB Rumors: Carlos Marmol - Dan Haren Trade Falls Through, May Come Back To Haunt Cubs

By Andy Schmidt

Friday night was a night where Chicago Cubs fans were beginning to rejoice before having their hopes shot down of getting some starting pitching when the proposed trade of Dan Haren from the Los Angeles Angels to the Cubs for Carlos Marmol fell through after Cubs management pulled the offer from the table.

This is the second time this has occurred in the past four months after the Ryan Dempster debacle, when it sounded like Dempster was heading to the Atlanta Braves before the deal unraveled. This is becoming a trend and a disturbing one at that. This is a deal that had to get done for both players. Haren had an awful year in Los Angeles and Marmol really needs a fresh start after having control troubles for the Cubs. It is obvious that both players have lost a lot of their confidence and the change in scenery would have been great to revive both Haren and Marmol’s careers.

As a Cubs fan, I really hope that this trade gets revisited and can get done sometime before spring training. It will be a much more difficult task now with the whole debacle of Marmol telling a radio station in the Dominican Republic that he had been traded. It almost gets to a point where management needs to tell their players to just stay quiet after everything is officially done. There will be other general managers who aren’t going to want to deal with Theo Epstein and the rest of Cubs management if proposed trades keep getting out before they are done. This is a time where Theo has to fix this mess for the sake of the fans and the players.

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