B.J. Penn Better Be Ready For Rory MacDonald At UFC 152

B.J. Penn is one of the most talented MMA fighters ever. But fights aren’t won on paper.

The Prodigy is facing a young lion at UFC 152. Rory Macdonald is one of the best prospects in the UFC.

Translation, Penn better come with it if he wants to defeat Macdonald. He will need his best effort. Macdonald is bigger, stronger, and one can certainly argue, hungrier.

Penn has accomplished a lot in his tenure but in sports, it’s what have you done for me lately.

Is he still trying to accomplish more? His much maligned work-ethic doesn’t show that he wants more. Is he satisfied with his success?

MacDonald was certainly critical.

“He is all upset because Georges whooped him, but, I am going to hurt him even worse so. I am training for the best B.J. I am just preparing myself to be the best version. I am going to come out evolved, I am going to be in shape, explosive and exciting like I always do. I am going to be very technical and I am going to be on point. I don’t know where B.J. is at. You know, he didn’t even show up to this. He is dropping out of the VADA testing. Last time I saw him he looked really out of shape. I don’t know where his head is at in this, but, he better get serious or I am going to hurt him very badly.”

This is some tough talk from MacDonald. However I can’t dispute anything that he says.

We’ve heard the about Penn before. None of this is new.

Penn has more built in excuses than a man going to jail. When Penn loses it’s because he came in to the fight out of shape. It was not because the other fighter was better, according to his fans.

But Penn will never be in great shape at welterweight. 170 lbs is his walk around weight. He has to gain weight to reach welterweight. Contrast that with fighters who walk around at 200lbs.

The extra 30 lbs wears him down in every fight at welterweight.

Each fight follows the same pattern. Penn has a strong first round, in my opinion he’s the best first round fighter ever, but if he doesn’t finish the fight he’s in trouble in the later rounds.

“The Prodigy” continues to fight against top talents at welterweight because of his name. His record doesn’t support the notion. At 2-4-1 Penn should weigh his options better.

If he loses to MacDonald, Penn should drop to a lower weight class or leave the UFC. It’s too painful to watch what he was and view what he is.

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