Is Mike Brown The Right Coach For The Los Angeles Lakers?

By Riley Schmitt
Christopher Hanewinckel-US PRESSWIRE

Mike Brown is not having a very good start to this season of basketball. The Los Angeles Lakers fans are 0-2, even with their lineup that is loaded with Hall of Famers. We all know how rational LA fans can be. Wait, they are completely irrational. That is why #FireMikeBrown is trending on Twitter. Is it really time for the Lakers to get a new coach?

I would say yes and no.  I say yes because Brown should have never been in charge of these guys in the first place. Once they added more star power, they should have upgraded at coach.  Brown is almost always in over his head and this year is no different.  He is going to last about 40 games at this rate.

I say no because it has only been two games.  They have been two games where the Lakers look awful but still.  They need time to get adjusted to each other before you can hit the panic button.  Then again, it is LA.  People are going to be hitting the panic button Thursday morning.

This team should be fine in the long run, but it will be a choppy start.  Fans might not like that, but it is something that they need to accept.  The Lakers obviously think Brown can get the job done.  I personally think they will not win the title with him leading the way, but I am not in charge of the team.

It might be a little bit early for #FireMikeBrown, but keep it handy.

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