1-On-1 Series: Kevin Durant vs. LeBron James

By Thomas Duffy
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

This game would be a showdown between the two best basketball players in the world. LeBron James and Kevin Durant are two very different players in many aspects: physically, mentally, in their individual skill sets, and defensively.

James is the more well-rounded player, as he is a better rebounder, distributor, and defender than Durant. Durant, on the other hand, is better jump-shooter and is more clutch than James.

In a one-on-one match, each player would have advantages over the other. Durant would stick to outside shooting, whereas James would take KD down on the post. The two are comparable as far as handling the ball, and there would be very few, if any, turnovers in this game.

Being that James is the best defender in the NBA, I give him the advantage in covering Durant. James is the first player the world has ever seen that can guard all five positions. He has guarded Rajon Rondo (PG), Paul Pierce (SF), and Kevin Garnett (C/PF) in the same game. He has guarded Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul, and Carmelo Anthony, and seems to relish the challenge of shutting down the elite offensive talents in the NBA.

However, covering Durant is different. He has the skills of those guards, but unlike them, Durant stands at 6’9”. In last season’s NBA finals, James allowed Durant to score 32, 28 , 35, 32, and 36 points (32.2 PPG).

A one-on-one game between these two superstars would be one for the ages. However, just like the Finals, James would be able to edge out Durant with his defense, post game, and strength.

FINAL SCORE: James 15 – Durant 13

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