Deron Williams Doesn't Think He Deserves To Be An All-Star

By John J. Paolantonio
Deron Williams dribbling upcourt
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Deron Williams of the Brooklyn Nets is a three-time NBA All-Star (2010-2012), two-time All NBA Second Team member (2008,2010) and arguably one of the premier point guards in the league.  This is not something that can be questioned.

Williams was interviewed at the morning shoot around yesterday and was asked about the upcoming All-Star game and he was very up front about the situation and his answer to questions might shock some people.  He was asked by the Nets beat writers if he “deserved” to be an All-Star this year.

He said in no uncertain terms that he does not think he deserves a selection to the team with the way he has played this year.

“No,” he responded. “Do you think I’m having an All-Star caliber year?”

Reporters then asked why he felt that way and Williams in his normal honest way responded.

“I just think there’s people playing better.  Obviously, I’d be honored if I get picked.”

The Nets interim coach PJ Carlesimo thinks that Williams is indeed an All-Star and joked in the pregame presser that he needs to work on his answers to the media.

Carlesimo said, “I’ve said this 15 times: Deron gets asked too many questions, and consequently gives too many answers. I just think that you guys should give Deron a month off and not do interviews. Then he’ll be fresh and he’ll have better answers. He’s like a coach, really. You get the same silly answers from coaches because you ask the same questions in the morning, in the afternoon and after the game. Deron’s the same way. He gets asked more questions and has to answer more, so he’s gotta work on his answers. I don’t like his answers a lot.”

The stats speak for themselves as per ESPN Stats Info.  Williams PER under previous coach Avery Johnson was 16.6 and under Carlesimo it is now 22.6 which is All-Star caliber play.

It is quite refreshing to hear a professional athlete speak so opening about how he is playing and where he thinks he ranks in the league although I wholeheartedly disagree with his comments.  Williams has indeed struggled during stretches this year, December comes to mind, but his overall game and leadership has shown very clear to be All-Star worthy in 2013.

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