Ole Miss Rebels Looking to End SEC Tourney With a Bang

By Joseph Nardone
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Andy Kennedy has to be one of the happier fellows waking up this morning. By taking his Ole Miss Rebels to the SEC Tournament Final, Kennedy has saved his job. Not only did Kennedy prevent the wonderful world of office cleaning, but he has also likely secured a spot in the NCAA Tournament for his Rebels.

However, the journey for Ole Miss didn’t end by getting to the conference final, as they will look to capture the tournament crown.

Then there is Marshall Henderson. Henderson was unquestionably the most polarizing player in college basketball this season. Whether it was popping his collar, yelling at crowds or throwing ice cubes at his own Ole Miss fans, Henderson was as entertaining to watch as Saturday morning cartoons as a child.

He also happens to be the world’s most awesome volume shooter. Sure, Henderson throws up shots in bunches, but he does make them on a fairly regular basis (.38 percent). There might not be a player in the country who gets their shot up quicker than Henderson.

Ole Miss is going to meet up with the Florida Gators at 1 pm today. They might come out flat, having already secured their dancing shoes, and the game could possibly turn into a rout. Or, Henderson and Kennedy can continue to prove their critics wrong. That Kennedy should have never been on the hot-seat, and that Henderson is just too awesome to not be great.

Regardless of today’s outcome, all should be happy that Ole Miss has made it this far. The Rebels might not be the best team, or have a program with a storied history, but they feature a head coach with a “I am better than you give me credit for” storyline and a look-at-me-player who lives up to the hype in the most awesome of ways.

Dancing you say? Henderson, Kennedy and the Rebels have essentially been dancing all year long.

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