Georgetown Coach John Thompson III Frankenberry or Count Chocula?

By Joseph Nardone
Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone loves to overreact to every single thing that happens in any given day. If your favorite grocery store is out of Count Chocula, well, then you get so angry that you let the checkout-lady know your frustrations as to why it is the worst thing in the history of the world. You do that despite knowing that it is your favorite grocery store, but your immediate frustrations blind you from being able to separate one honest mistake with their ability to be a solid food-outlet.

Think of Georgetown Hoyas coach, John Thompson III, as that fanbase’s Count Chocula. They know Thompson is good, although, are sick of his inability to take the Hoyas deep in the NCAA Tournament. Year after year, Thompson puts together a tremendous regular season and throws it down the drain by losing early in the big dance. The fans? Well, they are understandably upset.

Right after each early-exit, the people in and around the program start to call of Thompson’s head on a stick. They use the factual information to bring up valid points — which they think should be used to terminate the head coach. But now that some time has elapsed those people are not as loud as they once were.

It is likely because their tempers have been you know, tempered. Since time has passed — and with a little soul searching — they realize that Thompson is a very god coach and that replacing someone as good as him would be next to near impossible.

Still, the clock is ticking on Thompson to make a solid run in the big dance. It seems like everyone has forgotten that he has in fact taken the program deep in the tournament before. Regardless, the fanbase is growing less patient and increasingly frustrated.

For the fanbase, however, if Thompson is your Count Chocula and the only thing left on the shelves in Frankerberry, do you really want to chase the Count from your program? I mean, he is worth waiting for, right? I mean, as we all know, there is a reason why the Count is more famous and more successful than Frankenberry.

Oh, now I see. That is why there is no more blogs or reports calling for Thompson’s head on a platter. For all Count Chocula’s flaws — he is still so much better and more delicious than your other options. For Georgetown, they prefer making the big dance every year, but getting eliminated early, often — only to eventually complain about it. Rather than taking a risk on the unknown and not knowing what you are going to get (Frankenberry).

Like really, nobody buys Frankenberry, right?


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