Ole Miss Rebels Looking to Keep Up with SEC Brethren

By Joseph Nardone
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Say what you want about the Ole Miss Rebels athletic departments in a historical context, but they have done everything humanly possible to get their sporting programs on the right track as of late. It can’t be easy for them. I mean, the SEC is full of programs who are already established and have a bunch of money at their disposal. Now, the Rebels are using the money they have, as well as some through fundraising, to build a new basketball arena.

Before Ole Miss signed head coach, Andy Kennedy, to an extension, the university announced their plans to build the new arena in the vicinity close to the football field. There are some issues as to where they are looking to build, although the people involved will be evaluating whatever issues or complications may come up before they set that in stone.

Ole Miss wants to start building the arena this year, but because of some issues it may have to wait until at least football season is over.

The university is using a campaign to help raise money for the arena as well as expand on the seats in their football stadium. Oddly enough, increasing the seats in the football stadium are part of the reason the basketball arena may have to wait, as construction money and the like may prevent both from happening simultaneously. Considering football season is closer, it will have the higher priority. Not to mention, they still need funding.

Plans for the arena are to use it as a place to hold concerts, a garage and a place for general student activities.


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