NFL Cheerleaders: Tougher than a Navy SEAL

By Rich Currao

NFL Cheerleaders: Tougher than a Navy SEAL

Most people are quick to think that NFL cheerleaders are nothing but scantily clad sideline flakes with make up, long flowing locks, and a killer set of pom-poms.  Well, the girls who support the Minnesota Vikings want you to know that they are tougher than you think.  Tougher than you and even tougher than our military’s finest.

There can be no doubt that fine genetics can only take a gal so far.  While they lay a good foundation, no one gets the gig of being among the NFL cheerleaders without a hell of a lot of work.  Team captain, Kaylee Munson, of the Vikings cheer squad is willing to compare what she and her team does physically to train to that of our armed forces.

The Star Tribune did an expose’ on Munson and the Viking girls this week where the 24-year old, whose day job is as a nurse, had this to say about her sisters of the NFL cheerleaders:

“A lot of people hear ‘cheerleader’ and think pageant girl or bimbo, but we are so different than that,” Munson explained. “This is the hardest workout I’ve ever done in my life. On game days we’re moving for three hours straight — dancing every break and trying to get the crowd involved. As part of our military performance tours, I’ve worked out with the Navy and Marines and those were all tough workouts but, no offense guys, I have to say that our cheerleading workouts are harder!”

This comment would make anyone raise an eyebrow.  I mean, c’mon, really?  Is she serious?  Well, ask yourself this?  Have you ever worked out with NFL cheerleaders?  Have you ever trained with the US Marines?  If you have done both, like the 4th year Munson has, then you can comment away.  If you have done neither, like me, then shutty!

Today’s NFL cheerleaders are not just lipstick and legs.  There is substance to these lovely ladies.

“We want our girls to look like women.” explains the head coach and coordination for the cheerleaders, Tami Krause.  “For us, fitness is not about being skinny but about being strong, having stamina, staying injury-free and being energetic. You need muscles for that. People think cheerleaders don’t eat, but these girls can eat a horse. They just choose to eat the right things most of the time.”

I have no doubt that either work out would test the meddle of a person and probably put me in traction.  Is it like what the world’s finest trained killing machines are forced to endure?  Hell, that is an argument I am not willing to start as any of these NFL cheerleaders could kill you with a shake, a smile, or a full nelson.

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