NFL Rumors: Colt McCoy To Regain Cleveland Browns Starting QB Job?

By Joshua Casey

Last week when the Philadelphia Eagles traveled to take on the Cleveland Browns many people did not pick the Browns to be in the game at all, but five turnovers later, one a 27 yard pick six by Browns LB D’Qwell Jackson, the Browns had a chance to win the game. Head coach Pat Shurmur, with 13:59 left in the fourth quarter, decided to forego the two point conversion attempt, and possibly go up by seven, and instead decided to kick the extra point, a move that proved costly as the Browns wound up losing the game 17-16.

Many people have questioned, and will question Shurmur’s decision, (including myself), but Shurmur had confidence in his rookie QB Brandon Weeden, another mistake by Shurmur as he should have know by watching the entire game on the sidelines, that the Browns offense could not move the ball against the Eagles defense all day. Nevertheless Shurmur trusted that Weeden would be able to lead at least one drive into field goal range in the next 14:00 minutes. Well he was wrong.

Drive after drive Weeden misfired, missed wide open wide receivers, and, to cap it all off, threw an interception on the Browns last offensive drive. Immediately after the game the inevitable question arose, could Colt McCoy have led an offensive drive to at least get the Browns in field goal range? The answers varied, my opinion is that McCoy could not have possibly been any worse than Weeden who finished with a Quarterback rating of 1.2.

After the game Shurmur did not sound at all worried about Weeden, “We saw a rookie quarterback playing today. He’s going to become much better here in the next couple of weeks. I’m not discouraged at all.” Although Weeden will not be losing his starting job this week, the newest rumor surfacing is that if Weeden continues to struggle in the coming weeks, Colt McCoy could easily regain the starting job. If Weeden were to get benched then it would surely raise the question of the possibility ofhis days with the Browns coming to an end.

Weeden is 29 years old and if the Browns feel that he is not the answer at QB at the end of this season, then he could be packing his bags. The Browns will more than likely have a high draft pick next April in the NFL draft and the prospect of drafting USC QB Matt Barkley would have to arise. Barkley is seen as an NFL ready QB right out of college, and one that could have a huge affect on a franchise that, so far, looks like it needs a new QB.


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