Chris Johnson Primed to Have Outstanding NFL Season for Tennessee Titans

By Taylor Sturm
Jim Brown – USA Today Sports

Chris Johnson hasn’t lived up to his recent promise over the last few years. However, the upcoming NFL season will be different because the Tennessee Titans finally have some of the pieces that have held Johnson from his success.

Immediately after the Titans drafted Chance Warmack, Johnson tweeted, “THANK GOD.” That explosion of relief shows just how bad the Titans’ offensive line was last season. Racked by injuries, it was a wonder that Tennessee won as many games as they did. Jake Locker will also improve with a better offensive line which will give the Titans an aerial threat that Johnson can use  to his advantage. Now that the line is a little bit better, Johnson should be able to go back to doing what he does best – scoring touchdowns on the ground at ridiculous speeds.

With a better offensive line, Johnson will not have to create all the space by himself. Last season, he had to wait for holes or duck down and just take the few yards that the defense gave him instead of seeing holes and bursting through. This season, the holes in the defense will be waiting for Johnson, rather than him waiting for the holes.

Expect Johnson to have a season where he gets over 1,500 yards. He is capable of going all the way to the end zone on every play, and now he will score even more. The Titans are not a team to sleep on in the AFC South, and with a good season from Johnson, they could even make it to the playoffs.

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