NHL Needs to Sell Phoenix Coyotes Already

By Andy Schmidt
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The Phoenix Coyotes have a very loyal fan base that will defend their team to the death if you discuss even the chance of them moving out of town. It was looking like the team was going to get a new owner, but the NHL has rejected the offer of California investment banker Darin Pastor because it didn’t meet the league’s requirements. The time has come for the NHL to get out of the business of owning one of their own teams.

I know that every offer so far hasn’t worked out for Phoenix and the Coyotes, but how do you expect to become a competitive team if the league owns you? I would have to think that personnel moves are kept to a minimum so the league isn’t losing money or any more than they already are. That isn’t fair to the players and the fans in Phoenix. You have to get a good deal for the team, but how much longer is this going to last?

The team went into bankruptcy in 2009 so it has been four years now already, and this can’t continue. The NHL needs to do one of two things about this: either sell the team to the next buyer who has enough cash to meet their “requirements” or just fold the team up. I know that isn’t the right thing to do and that everyone is a loser in that situation, but what else is there to do if the NHL won’t allow the team to be sold?

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