Ryback & John Cena Stipulation is Last Man Standing

By Jeffers Kamper
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This week on RawJohn Cena was given the opportunity to choose the stipulation for his match with Ryback at Extreme Rules. In classic Super-Cena style, he passed up the opportunity stating that he’ll win the match no matter what the stipulation is. The choice came to Ryback and he decided upon a last man standing match.

This is an excellent match to close out the Extreme Rules pay-per-view. But do Ryback and Cena have enough moves in their arsenal to pull this type of match off?

We haven’t gotten to see Ryback on this big of scale before, and I think it was smart to add a stipulation that allows the use of weapons. This should prevent a match filled with finishers and two-counts. Instead, Ryback will get to show off his attitude-era brutality and beat the pulp out of Cena with weapons. Maybe a few good stair spots would be enough to show his supernatural strength.

It’s not just Ryback that I’m worried about though. I don’t believe Cena sells very well. I find myself easily predicting when he’ll kick out and when he’ll get pinned. This being a last man standing match puts a lot of the focus on the ability to sell the knock out. Over or under selling a near ten count could ruin a last man standing match. If Cena decides to go out of his ability, he may lose the fans.

That can’t happen in this match. With Ryback still unproven as a main eventer and Cena still getting mixed reactions from the fans, the WWE universe will be closely examining this match looking for any opportunity to boo. This match can’t be middle of the road; it’s either a success or a failure.

Ryback and Cena need this match to go perfectly. A bad match will send Ryback to the midcard and the fans hatred of Cena will burn even brighter. When people say matches will drastically alter the future of the WWE, it’s usually an exaggeration, but with this match it just might be true.

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