Tyrann Mathieu Won't Play Football This Season, Enters Rehab for Treatment

LSU’s top cornerback and punt returner Tyrann Mathieu will not play football in 2012. The Honey Badger was kicked off the team in early August for violating the school’s substance abuse policy.

Mathieu’s only way of playing football this season was if he joined a program at the FCS level, the second tier of Division I or any level lower.

He’ll have to wait another year if he wants to play another season at the BCS level. By then, the Honey Badger will be eligible to play in the NFL.

As a sophomore with the Tigers, Mathieu won the National Defensive Player of the Year. He scored four touchdowns — two on punt returns and two on fumble returns, along with two interceptions, six forced fumbles and four recoveries.

Initially it was thought he would join a FCS program. Mathieu visited two Southland Conference schools, McNeese State and Nicholis State. The Southland is considered one of the top conferences at the FCS level.

The 20-year-old and his family have decided it’s best Tyrann Mathieu focuses on Tyrann Mathieu, not on football. He’s currently seeking treatment, according to his adoptive father, at the Right Step recovery center and is being counciled by John Lucas. Lucas battled with substance abuse during his playing days and currently helps others deal with these issues.

It’s uncertain what Mathieu will decide to do in 2013. Will he come back to play for the Tigers or another BCS school? Perhaps he’ll enter the 2013 NFL Draft, who knows?

What we do know is right now is that football is not a top priority for the Honey Badger, and that’s for the best.