Awful First Half Equates To Playoff Loss For Seattle Seahawks: Atlanta Falcons Move On

The NFL Playoffs cease to amaze. In an NFC battle between the Seattle Seahawks and the Atlanta Falcons, the entire country was on the edge of their seat as rookie quarterback Russell Wilson dazzled in the Georgia dome on Sunday afternoon. Amidst the Seahawks quarterback setting a franchise record for passing yards in a single postseason game, the Falcons are advancing to the NFC championship via Matt Bryant‘s leg.

Heading into halftime, the Falcons had a 20-0 lead on the Seahawks and the home crowd was awaiting the clubs first playoff victory under head coach Mike Smith. With their backs against the wall, the Seahawks put on a comeback that will never be forgotten. In particular, the Seahawk offense was unstoppable in the fourth quarter.

Big plays from Zach Miller, Marshawn Lynch and Golden Tate led this team back from an insurmountable 27-7 deficit after three quarters that were dominated by Atlanta.

Of course, the play that Seahawks fans will always remember is the clubs inability to put up any points right before halftime, as they were given ample opportunity. With 4:16 left in the half, Martin guided his team 60 yards downfield and put the team in perfect position to get at least a field goal. In one of Pete Carroll‘s biggest gaffs as head coach, the clock ran out with the Seahawks unable to get a snap off and get any points on the board.

Finishing the half on the opponents 20 yard line and having no points to show for it will lose you a playoff game–Carroll and company are proof as they were defeated 30-28.

The Falcons will play host to the San Francisco 49ers next week and cannot afford to blow a 20 point lead against a talent like Colin Kaepernick or they will be spectators come Super Bowl Sunday.