Caddie Reacts with Flag Stick Helicopter

By ryanmasters
Brian Spurlock- US PRESSWIRE

Celebrations in golf are usually left for the individuals but the entire USA team is excited about the putt the Keegan Bradley makes. This is one of the best celebrations I have seen in golf. Bradley gets his moment in the spotlight but is quickly congratulated by his partner, Phil Mickelson. It is nice to see golfers let loose once in a while, even though it usually ends in an awkward celebrations that leaves us shaking our heads.

The crowd erupts with Bradley’s match clinching putt at the Ryder Cup, but the most ecstatic person at Medinah Country Club is Bradley’s caddie. Look at his reaction with the flagstick at the 0:17 mark.

He pulls out the flag stick helicopter. I haven’t seen this much excitement on a golf course since Happy Gilmore makes his miraculous putt. This type of reaction is something that comes straight out of a movie. I am not sure if his caddie will be getting a fine for his boisterous reaction but I think he should be getting a bonus. He would probably be fined if it were a normal event but since it is a team event, all bets are off. After all, this is America. USA, USA, USA!!!

Caddies are rarely noticed on the golf course. It is nice to see them so happy for their golfer and team. The caddies are out there working hard too so they should be allowed to let off a little bit of steam. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate a terrific shot than pulling out the flag stick helicopter.

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