Minnesota Vikings Fan Freaks Out, Breaks Table During Playoff Loss

By Andrew Fisher

We’ve all been there, right? Your favorite team is losing and your blood pressure starts to get a little high? Next thing you know, the remote control is flying across the room. Sometimes we get a little too worked up over games, but this Minnesota Vikings fan may have stepped over the line with this outburst:


Easy bud.

My favorite part is that he doesn’t think it’s his fault. “It’s not my fault!” Yeah, pretty sure it is pal.

First question: how does this guy have a girlfriend? Secondly, why is she not more upset by the end of the video? I think it’s because she realizes she has hit YouTube gold with this ridiculous outburst. “Noooooooooooo!!!”

The only way she can get back at him for breaking her grandmother’s table is to put this video on the internet, and hope that people like me will spread it around the web like wildfire.

Mission accomplished.

Hey I’m a Vikings fan too, but was there really a moment in the playoff game where it was close enough to even get upset? The Vikings were overmatched nearly the entire contest. It just wasn’t the year for the Vikings in 2012, but they’ve come along way for a team that only netted three wins only a season ago.

2012 was certainly not a year to smash tables over. Sure, it didn’t result in a Super Bowl, which is the ultimate goal of any team, but the strides the Vikings have taken are very encouraging. Hopefully, this guy realized that as he slept on broken glass on the couch that night.

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