Phil Simms Has Got To Go

By Andy Schmidt
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

I love sports just like all of you who are reading this do. Over the years, I have heard some really terrible announcers along the way but there is one that is standing out more than any other right now to me in Phil Simms. Simms may rank right up there with worst announcer ever on a national broadcast and that’s saying something.

Simms comes up with some of the most awful things that are common sense to anyone watching but wants to cater to the person who is watching the game for the first time for some reason. If I want to be talked down to, I will go watch Fox’s No. 7 broadcast team or something. It appears the networks love quarterbacks who won a Super Bowl and while most have a good clue of what is going on, Simms is not one of them.

I believe that the time has come to remove Simms from the booth and just remove him from the airwaves overall since he is just making everyone else dumber around him. I can’t figure out how Jim Nantz works with him on a weekly basis. I’m very tempted to have the sound down for the Super Bowl in a few weeks and listen to the game on the radio just to avoid Simms at all costs. Is there any way to get an All-Star crew of announcers for the Super Bowl anyway? It would make for a better broadcast overall anyway but as long as Simms is nowhere near it, I’m okay with about anyone else.

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