Forgive Lance Armstrong, But Do Not Respect Him

By Kase Brammer
Lance Armstrong
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Forgiveness is a part of life. As a society we must learn to forgive the people that let us down because, after all, they are human. Lance Armstrong is a survivor. He beat cancer and if that was not enough he went on to win seven Tour de France titles, often known as the Super Bowl of Cycling. However, he cheated and lied. Both of these things we can forgive him for, but he does not deserve our respect right now.

He built a charity empire. The Lance Armstrong Foundation has helped countless people, but the entire foundation was built on a lie. We can forgive him in the name of the “greater good”, but we cannot respect him. His admission of guilt to Oprah may have softened the blow, but who he tells should not make a difference. He still lied and he still cheated his way to the top.

Other athletes, like New York Yankees Alex Rodriguez, admitted to using performance enhancing drugs, but he is no better than the men who have lied throughout their entire careers, but fans should forgive him. Athletes need to realize if you ask for forgiveness, you will receive if from the majority of the fan base. Barry Bonds may never admit to using steroids, but that does not excuse his alleged guilt. Not saying you did something when there is evidence to the contrary right in front of your face is inexcusable.

These players, especially in the MLB, do not deserve the Hall of Fame because it’s a showing of respect. They did not respect the game, so we will return the favor. Armstrong should never be given his titles back and he has a long road ahead of winning the respect of his fans, but forgive him now. Forgiveness is a part of life.

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