Lance Armstrong Proves He Is A Complete Cheating Liar

By Andy Schmidt

I decided to make the effort to sit down and watch the Lance Armstrong interview on Thursday night. I had not planned to do that, strictly due to the fact that I didn’t think I got the channel I needed to, but realized about two hours prior that I did – so I figured why not? There were several things very clear by the time the first half of the interview were over.

Armstrong pulled off one of the biggest cheats in sports history, and his cocky attitude about it was very clear in talking about what he did. He wanted to talk about just himself and no one else in the doping scandal and while he didn’t throw anyone else under the bus, the public deserves to know the full truth about this. It seemed to me that Armstrong was very uncomfortable with the questions that Oprah Winfrey was throwing at him, to a point where he even didn’t answer a question. That’s unacceptable. It was agreed to be a no-holds-barred interview, so just answer the question.

There is a second part of this interview on Friday night, so I will likely sit down again and see what the rest of the interview comes to show. Armstrong is an attention hog who wants everything his way and when he is not in control, he can’t handle it. The interview showed that very clearly, and there is nothing Armstrong can do to control it. Now that the cat is out of the bag, Armstrong has a lot more explaining to do.

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