Dennis Rodman Allegedly Becoming FBI Informant

By Renae Juska
Source: Bob Donnan- USA Today Sports

Dennis Rodman recently took a trip to North Korea in order to shoot a documentary for HBO. However, according to Rodman, the FBI has talked to him about becoming an informant for the United States so that government can keep track of what is “really” going on in North Korea.

So the United States trusts an ex-NBA star that has had 52 shades of hair color and multiple face piercings to spy on North Korea? I don’t think this really makes sense but I guess it’s all the FBI can find.

Rodman called Kim Jong-un a “friend for life” so it actually does have some reasoning. He has been invited to go back to the communist country of North Korea in August. I also don’t know how much I believe Rodman’s story about the FBI contacting him.

North Korea has recently been threatening to use it’s military power against the United States. Why would Rodman want to take the risk of getting killed in North Korea, just to talk to Kim Jong-un? It all just doesn’t add up in my head.

I feel like Jong-un just wants to take Rodman into hostage and get as much information from him as possible. If Rodman wants to take that risk, then he can go ahead, but I wouldn’t be visiting that country anytime soon. And if Rodman really is becoming an FBI informant, hopefully they will have him with security and a tracking device.

If Rodman can help the United States and North Korea get along, then the more power to him. I’m just shocked that the FBI would be relying on an ex-NBA player for political information.

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