2012 Fantasy Football Week 2 Predictions and Projections

By Jeric Griffin
Matt Ryan NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Kansas City Chiefs

Raise your hand if you projected Matt Ryan to be the overall leading scorer of the 2012 fantasy football season. You, in the back…put your hand down because you’re lying!

Nope, you didn’t predict Blaine Gabbert to score many fantasy points than Tom Brady, either. Put simply, Week 1 saw a ton of surprises, and not all of them were pleasant. So before you bail on Philip Rivers or make Kevin Olgetree your new No. 1 player, check out these predictions and projections for Week 2:

Green Light – Ryan Fitzpatrick vs. Kansas City Chiefs: Fitzpatrick didn’t have a great day against the New York Jets, but he will more than make up for it at home this week. Kansas City gave up a whopping 31 fantasy points to Ryan last week, so Fitzpatrick is a safe start in Week 2. Prediction: 313 yards and two touchdowns.

Red Light – Mark Sanchez vs. Pittsburgh Steelers: It’s really easy to think Sanchez might light up the Steelers after seeing him torch the Buffalo Bills and then seeing Peyton Manning own Pittsburgh, but don’t buy it. Sanchez won’t have anywhere close to the type of day he had in Week 1 against an angry black and gold defense. Prediction: 204 yards, no touchdowns and two interceptions.

Green Light – Andrew Luck vs. Minnesota Vikings: Same soup, different bowl. Luck threw for over 300 yards in his first start against the Chicago Bears‘ tough defense and Gabbert shredded the Vikings in Week 1. That means Luck is in for his first monster fantasy performance of his NFL career. Prediction: 357 yards and four touchdowns.

Red Light – Robert Griffin III vs. St. Louis Rams: This isn’t that kind of bold prediction; RG3 is in for a fall in Week 2. If the Rams can ground Matthew Stafford, then they will certainly stop this Baylor product, who took advantage of a New Orleans Saints team in turmoil last week. Prediction: 232 yards, one touchdown and one interception.

Green Light – Michael Bush vs. Green Bay Packers: He was the touchdown machine in Week 1 and he’ll be even better on Thursday Night Football. Green Bay was absolutely carved up by the San Francisco 49ers‘ stable of running backs and Bush will do some serious damage in his limited work. Prediction: 87 yards and one touchdown.

Red Light – Alfred Morris vs. Rams: We’re not saying the Rams’ defense is going to be the top unit in Week 2. Morris is very unlikely to get almost 30 carries again in Mike Shanahan‘s offense, so you’d be wise to sit him if you have a viable replacement. Prediction: 32 yards and no touchdowns.

Green Light – Emmanuel Sanders vs. Jets: With all the attention New York’s defense will give Mike Wallace and Antonio Brown this week, Sanders is primed for a breakout game. He’s already a rising star in Pittsburgh’s offense and Big Ben will look his way a lot in Week 2. Prediction: seven catches for 93 yards and one touchdown.

Red Light – Jermichael Finley vs. Bears: Don’t plan on a big day from this typical top 5 tight end. Chicago is off to a hot start and that will only continue on Thursday night when the Bears shut down Finley early. You’re better off starting your “backup” tight end this week if you have Finely. Prediction: two catches for 31 yards and no touchdowns.

Green Light – Bills D/ST vs. Chiefs: Don’t be fooled by Sanchez’ big day against Buffalo in Week 1. This unit will shut down Kansas City’s deceitful offense in Week 2 and put up a nice stat line. Prediction: 256 yards allowed, 13 points allowed, two interceptions and two sacks.

Red Light – Billy Cundiff vs. Rams: Sure, he led all kickers in fantasy scoring last week, but he’s not the new stud at the position. As mentioned, the Redskins’ offense won’t be nearly as potent in Week 2 and the means an average day at best for Cundiff. Prediction: one field goal, two extra points.

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