Is the Cartoon Bird Logo Lucky for the Baltimore Orioles?

By johnczech
Cal Ripken Eddie Murray

It’s hard to say if a certain logo has an effect on a game, or how it’s played. But could it provide some luck? At the start of this year the Baltimore Orioles decided to change their logo back to the cartoon bird.

The cartoon bird first made its appearance in 1966. It replaced the bird that was supposed to look like a real Oriole, just like this year. Everyone from Brooks Robinson, Frank Robinson, Boog Powell, Cal Ripken Jr., Eddie Murray, Jim Palmer, and so many other Orioles greats all wore the cartoon bird on their caps.

But does cartoon logo actually provide any luck?

When the Orioles came back to Baltimore in 1954, they wore the standard bird logo until 1965. In that time span the Orioles only finished above third only one time. In 1989 the standard bird logo was brought back to replace the cartoon logo. From 1989 to 2011 the Orioles made the playoffs twice and only placed higher than third place three times.

As soon as the Orioles adopted the cartoon logo in 1966 they won the World Series. From 1965 to 1988 the Orioles  made the postseason eight times. Six of the eight being World Series appearances, and winning three of the six. 13 of the 23 seasons the Orioles used the cartoon logo, they finished second place or higher.

The first year the cartoon logo is brought back, the Orioles find themselves back in first place, breaking the streak of 14 straight losing seasons, and on the brink of their first postseason appearance in 14 years.

In the end, the teams put on the field have the only effect on the game. Looking over the years, the Orioles had put together winning team after winning team.

Is it  just a weird coincidence that the Orioles have had more success wearing a certain logo? Probably, but it’s still cool to believe that maybe this certain logo provides some luck. And it gives Orioles fans of all generations a glimpse into their rich history and remember the teams of past.

You know what people say,”You look good, you play good.”

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