UFC News: Joe Rogan Recieves Jiu Jitsu Black Belt

Joe Rogan UFC

Mark J. Rebilas- US Presswire

Joe Rogan, color commentator for UFC, received his black belt in jiu jitsu this week under bjj legend Jean Jacques Machado.  Joe Rogan received this award earlier in the week, which is a tremendous achievement for any jiu jitsu practitioner.  Joe shared this news via Twitter.

Joe Rogan@joerogan

A great honor today – I received my black belt from the great Jean Jacques Machado

Joe Rogan has been an avid jiu jitsu practitioner and has even competed in amateur kickboxing competitions as a young adult.  He also holds a black belt in jiu jitsu under the rubber guard wizard Eddie Bravo.  Not only that, but Joe is the UFC color commentator and goes on tours doing stand up comedy.

Talk about a multi-talented person.  Even more interesting is that several UFC fighters have raved about how well Joe would have done if he would have competed in mixed martial arts as a young adult.  There are many videos on the Internet that display his dynamic spinning back kick; a move that current welterweight champ George St. Pierre took advise from Joe Rogan in order to develop the move better.

The thought of Joe Rogan competing inside the UFC at welterweight certainly does intriguing, but the UFC are happy to have him with their company.  He is one of the best commentators in terms of breaking down the moves, and helping casual viewers understand what exactly is taking in place inside the cage.  Congrats to Joe; hard work certainly does pay off for those who put the work in.