Boston Celtics: Kevin Garnett Bothered Ray Allen

By Rob Nelson

BOSTON-During a recent interview, Boston Celtics head coach Doc Rivers revealed a stunning revelation in the Ray Allen leaving saga that had previously gone unknown. The worst kept secret in the NBA was the fact that Allen had issues with young star point guard Rajon Rondo. However, many did not know that Allen had some issues with the team’s emotional leader Kevin Garnett.

The story goes that Allen had a problem with the fact that KG did not take part in a lot of the extra interview requests that the “Big Three” generated. If KG was not going to oblige these requests than someone else had to and thus the extra media requests usually fell into the lap of one Ray Allen and that bothered him. Allen felt that the usually quiet to the media KG should have taken on his fair share of the load of these interviews and felt that it was unfair that KG got away with not interviewing more.

My simple response to that is Allen needs to get a clue. The simple fact is that the main reason that Allen is wearing a 2008 championship ring is because of the play of one Kevin Garnett. Garnett is the team’s anchor and thus the most important piece besides Rondo. If not talking to reporters or doing extra interviews is going to keep KG both happy and above all productive on the court to ensure a shot at an NBA title, than the KG does not have to do these interviews, Period, End of discussion.

Allen should have understood that fact much like Magic Johnson did with the Los Angeles Lakers in the mid nineteen eighties. Kareem Abdul Jabbar was the anchor of the high powered Lakers attack. However, Jabbar was hardly a media darling. Jabbar in fact managed to alienate many around him and was only tolerated because of his tremendous prowess in the paint. Magic knew this and thus took on the role of media liaison. Magic did all the extra interviews without saying a word or uttering a single complaint. The reason was Magic wanted to win at all cost and knew playing with a happy and productive Jabbar was his best chance and thus never let the situation bother him. Allen clearly missed this history lesson.

The bottom line is the more I find out about Allen and his gripes with the Celtics, the more I am glad that he is gone. Every petty slight in Allen’s mind that has come to the surface shines new light on the giant ego he has and diva like tendencies. The fact Rivers was able to keep Allen in the team concept as long as he did without pouting is a true feather in his coaching cap. The good news is Ray should fit right in on South Beach with the rest of the entitled Miami Heat. Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!!

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