Five Ways Detroit Pistons Can Become NBA Playoff Contenders

By John Raffel
Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Pistons, as they near the 40-game mark, are at  14-25 and aren’t going to come close to making the NBA playoffs if they don’t play better on the road. A 4-14 record playing away isn’t going to cut it. By the way, a 10-11 mark at home isn’t all that impressive either.

How can they improve both records?

Five ways that will be key:

1.) Be more effective in ball possession. The Pistons are averaging a little more than six steals per game. But their opponents are averaging a little more than eight. In turnovers, Detroit is at 15 per game compared to 13 for the opposition.

2.) Find a way to shoot more three-pointers. By almost five percent, the Pistons are shooting better on the threes. But in 39 games, they’ve shot the triple just 659 times compared to 817 for their opponents.

3.) Get the ball in Greg Monroe’s hands more often. Monroe Is leading the team with 15.4 points per game, but he’s also shooting close to 48 percent, tops for the Pistons. Increasing his opportunities wouldn’t hurt, especially in the close games.

4.) Utilize Andre Drummond more effectively. The prized Pistons rookie shoots 60 percent in field goal percent but his attempts total ranks eighth on the team. He has not started a game, although he has seen action in all 39 games and ranks second in rebounding, even though his minutes played are seventh on the team.

5.) Get Will Bynum on the free-throw line more and Drummond less. Both have made 31 free throws this season with Bynum in 38 attempts and Drummond in 79.

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