Recruit Frank Booker Signs to Play for the Oklahoma Sooners

By Joseph Nardone
Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

Oh, those fancy pants National Letter of Intent thingamabobs. Those wonderful pieces of paper are all the rage these days. For those of you who are unaware, high school players sign those to make their choice of higher education destination official. For people like myself, it is how we keep track of who is going where and when it is going to happen.

The Oklahoma Sooners just had another player sign one of those papers. Lon Kruger has announced that Frank Booker has signed his letter of intent and will be wearing an Oklahoma jersey for the 2013-14-college basketball season.

Booker is a scoring maniac. In his senior season in high school, the 6’4″ guard scored 27.9 points per game while making an astounding 99 three-pointers on the season. According to several different recruiting websites, it is his three-point shooting ability that sets Booker apart from the rest of the country’s best scoring-artists.

According to the stats on him, it seems as if Booker has a pretty well rounded game. To go with the points, he also averaged four assists per game and shot nearly .90 percent from the charity stripe — which probably enhances his image as a player with a sweet stroke.

Most of the same sites, which claim Booker as an otherworldly three-point specialist, also have him rated as a three star prospect. Meaning, they love him game, but just don’t know if he’ll ever be anything more than a one trick pony in college.

But hey, all teams can use a reliable player from beyond the arc as well as the charity stripe. Worst case scenario, that is what he projects to be, although, his best case seems to be of a great scorer who can hit from deep — so, there is also that.


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