Spring Practice Comes To A Close For Oklahoma Sooners

By Amanda Staver
Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports

This is it, folks – the Oklahoma Sooners final spring practice is wrapping up on Tuesday, April 16. The annual Spring Game was this past Saturday and we got to take a look at some of the main story lines in person that have been coming out of camp for the last couple of weeks. Most notably – the quarterback situation.

It was no surprise that quarterback Blake Bell took the field first with the offense. Bell proved to be the most confident of the three that have been dueling to get the job. Though, Kendall Thompson and Trevor Knight both stepped it up, especially throughout the second half of the game.

Bell ended up with 213 yards, two touchdowns and was 14 of 23. Thompson and Knight both had a touchdown a piece. Before the second half started it looked like Bell and Thompson were clearly ahead of Knight, but Knight kicked it in and made his case for the number two spot.

Running back Roy Finch did it once again, making everyone question why he doesn’t get more playing time with a 49-yard touchdown run to start the second half. Between Finch, Trey Millard and Damien Williams, the Sooners’ running game should look very solid going into fall. Surprise running performance goes to Terence Olds – who I knew nothing about until after the spring game.

There were a lot of dropped passes by the wide receivers during the game, which makes you realize how much you will miss veterans like Kenny Stills and Justin Brown. Even with the dropped passes, the leading receiver of the day was Trey Metoyer with 122 yards and no touchdowns. Durron NealDerrick Woods and Sterling Shepard all looked decent on the outside as well.

The Sooners coaching staff actually tried to incorporate some tight end play, which was nice to see.

All in all the offense looked decent. Typical Bob Stoops shows just enough to keep people satisfied, but the most common word seen and used to describe the showing is vanilla – which comes as no surprise.

Despite being “vanilla” you can see the potential on this team. How they progress over the next several months will be a key going into the 2013 season.


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