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NFL New Orleans Saints

NBA’s Fisher to address Saints before Vikings game

In his four plus years as the head coach of the Saints, Sean Payton has brought in a slew of guest speakers to help motivate the team before the season and big games.

For example, during the 2009 season, Payton brough in Avery Johnson, Jon Gruden, and Ronnie Lott, as well as others, to speak to the team before the season and various playoff games.

He’s off to a big start when it comes to motivational speakers for the 2010 season. Before the team’s kickoff game against the Minnesota Vikings, Payton will bring in the Los Angeles Lakers guard Derek Fisher, a five-time NBA champion, and player who won a three-peat of championships in the beginning of the decade, and is working on his second three-peat.

Fisher will obviously be speaking to the team on how to repeat as champions, and hopefully he can motivate the team up to the levels that last season’s guest speakers did.