Eagles vs. Ravens Matchup: A High Flying Bird Fight

By Connor Harrison

Of course you know that the Philadelphia Eagles and the Baltimore Ravens are playing right now. The Eagles have the advantage of being at home. This game will more than likely be a complete air raid with the Ravens being third and the Eagles being fourth in passing offense.

Surprisingly, Philadelphia has a better defense statistically. They’re first in passing defense and 14th in rushing defense, while Baltimore is behind them in both of those categories.

In my opinion, the team with the least amount of turnovers will win this game. If the turnovers are equal, it’ll probably be the team with more passing yards. Last week, Joe Flacco was on point, but at the same time Michael Vick passed for more yards, mostly because he threw almost twice the amount of passes that Flacco did.

The Eagles are favored by only three points, but that should be the complete opposite. The Ravens should be favored in this game. It shouldn’t be a blow out either way so I fully expect this to be a tight game. If Flacco stays solid and keeps the ball out of the hands of Philadelphia’s defense, Baltimore has a healthy chance of coming out of this game with a big win.

Ray Rice didn’t really get a chance to show off last week against the Cincinnati Bengals, but Flacco did and the Ravens offense walked all over the Bengals defense in a 44 to 13 win. The Eagles running back LeSean McCoy ran 20 times last week for 110 yards, so Philadelphia fans got a glimpse of their running back, while Baltimore fans just got to see Joe Flacco and his receivers shine.

Last year Baltimore didn’t get into the end zone, only obtaining a pair of field goals, with a final score of 13 to 6. The Eagles obviously won that game. Even though both of their mascots are birds, this game isn’t really a rivalry, just a fun game to watch. It’ll be a high flying bird fight and the winner will have plenty of momentum heading into next week.

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