Teacher Arrested for Having Sex With High School Football Player

By Renae Juska

A high school chaperone in Oklahoma had a little too much fun with one of the students. Katie Hightower, 26, was a teacher at Prue High School in Oklahoma and also chaperoned the boys road trip football games.

Before one of the out-of-town trips, Hightower thought it would be fun to invite some of the team over to her house. But she let them have a little too much fun as she liquored them up. Why you would ever provide alcohol to kids you see everyday is beyond my belief but apparently she didn’t think before she acted.

Next thing you know, Hightower was leading one of them back to her bedroom, a 16 year old to be exact. I’m guessing you can assume what happened next. The  10 year age difference is slightly disturbing, not to mention it’s illegal.

As if it wasn’t obvious enough to the team, she also sat next to him on the out-of-town trip. She allegedly even coached the boys on what to say about the night, telling them to lie about the events that occurred.

But boys will be boys; they ratted her out to their parents and even the police. After obtaining her phone records, authorities discovered 45% of her texts (over 500 messages) were to the 16 year old.

This included texts, naughty photos and even pictures of her ex- husband’s genitals. Who in their right mind wants to see your ex-husbands privates? I highly doubt the 16 year old was asking for them, and if he did, then maybe he has some issues himself.

To make the long story short, Hightower has been charged with providing alcohol to minors and second-degree rape to a minor. So what else could make this even more interesting?

Hightower’s ex-husband was also one of her former students…

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