Will the Cincinnati Bengals and James Harrison Work Out a Deal?

By Dan Parzych
(Ron Chenoy/USA Today Sports)

Earlier this week, it seemed like it was only a matter of time before the Cincinnati Bengals and James Harrison worked out a new deal for the 2013 season–which would have been a great addition for the defense. While all signs seemed to be positive at first, it appears the two sides may not be close to a deal after all.

Apparently, things don’t look good when it comes to contract talks between the two sides–which comes as a bit of a surprise considering the Bengals and Harrison seemed to be on the verge of striking a deal just a few days ago. Harrison has been looking for a new home following his release from the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cincinnati has been looking for another linebacker to add this offseason–so it seemed like the perfect fit for both sides.

Unfortunately, it looks like signing Harrison may be a little bit more difficult than originally expected for these two sides if it’s taken them this long to strike a new deal. Cincinnati is one of the up-and-coming teams in the league as they’ve managed to make the playoffs in each of the last two seasons and Harrison would have been a great addition to their defense.

There’s still plenty of time for both sides to work something out, but things don’t look good at this point. Hopefully, the Bengals and Harrison can figure out a way to come up with some sort of agreement–or their search for a linebacker may become even more complicated over the next couple of weeks.

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