Denver Broncos Rahim Moore: Tougher Than You Think

By Joe Morrone
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Denver Broncos’ fans had better get used to the idea of Rahim Moore as one of the team’s starting safeties, he’s not going anywhere. In his first comments since that fateful day versus the Baltimore Ravens, Moore opened up to Mike Klis of the Denver Post.

I strongly encourage any fan of the Broncos to go to the article Broncos’ Rahim Moore couldn’t wait to get head start on 2013 season … via @denverpost and read the article. If you can’t root for Moore after reading that then perhaps it is time for you to find another team to root for.

Everyone knows the story; Moore was the goat on the touchdown pass from Joe Flacco to Jacoby Jones with 31 seconds left that sent the game into overtime. The problem with that is there were so many people at fault on that play. As Klis also points out, Tony Carter did not bump or run with Jones giving him a free run down the sideline. Flacco had too much time to throw and Robert Ayers put on a spin move that allowed the quarterback to step up into the pocket. The other safeties in the game bit on receivers coming across the middle instead of maintaining their deep responsibilities.

Moore was all of the sudden left completely alone when there should have been at least two other players in the picture with Jones. The truth is Moore’s primary responsibility was to cover the deep middle, and that’s why he was late to the play. That’s not an excuse and Moore is not making any; in fact he is still taking full blame for the play but it is the truth. Moore should have made the play, but let’s not forget the other five or six guys who didn’t do their jobs on that play either.

While the fans were deep in depression on Monday following the loss to the Ravens, Moore was already in Florida training for this coming season. He doesn’t drink, he doesn’t smoke, he’s accountable and he works hard at his game. Aren’t these the traits we are constantly asking for in our athletes? Had Moore made that play and even if the Broncos had gone on to win the Super Bowl, he still would have been training in Florida a couple of days later. Moore told Klis “I live for football, I love this team and this organization.”

The Broncos have added a number of players via free agency but not one of them is a safety, why is that? It’s because they believe Moore is a good player with a chance to be a special player. People conveniently forget that Moore had a very solid season as a second year safety, and there’s no reason he should not be a 10-year starter in the Broncos defensive backfield.

The end of the Ravens game was not Moore’s best moment but he can play for my team anytime.

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