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Green Bay Packers Have Interesting 2013 Schedule

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As one of the league’s top teams the past few years, it’s usually a given that the Green Bay Packers will have a challenging schedule. Especially, given that they play in the very competitive NFC North. Green Bay is looking to get back on track to a Super Bowl this season, after two years of disappointing losses in the divisional round. With the team somewhat in a state of transition, many are wondering if this is a realistic year for the Pack to make it back to the top.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the Packers’ 2013 regular season schedule:

Week 1 – @ San Francisco 49ers

Week 2 – Washington Redskins

Week 3 – @Cincinnati Bengals

Week 4 – BYE

Week 5 – Detroit Lions

Week 6 – Baltimore Ravens

Week 7 – Cleveland Browns

Week 8 – @ Minnesota Vikings (SNF)

Week 9 – Chicago Bears (MNF)

Week 10 – Philadelphia Eagles

Week 11 – @ New York Giants (SNF)

Week 12 – Minnesota Vikings

Week 13 – @ Detroit Lions

Week 14 – Atlanta Falcons (SNF)

Week 15 – @ Dallas Cowboys

Week 16 – Pittsburgh Steelers

Week 17 – @ Chicago Bears

This slate of games is interesting, to say the least. It’s a schedule that’s kind of all over the place. They start the year with three games against 2012 playoff teams, and with two tough road contests. An extremely early bye comes in week four, then it’s right into three straight home contests.

Weeks five through seven will be extremely key for the Packers, especially if they get off to a rough start. After that, it’s mainly a schedule full of top-notch NFC teams, and division rivals.

Fans will find out just how much veterans Greg Jennings and Charles Woodson meant to the team, because it’s going to be an incredibly difficult journey back to the postseason in 2013. While you can’t call the Packers ‘new-look,’ there will be younger players expected to do more than they ever have before.


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