2013 NFL Draft: Houston Texans Get Their Man Early, Improve Several Positions Late

By Andrew Fisher
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Texans clearly had one man targeted for weeks leading up to the 2013 NFL Draft, wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins. Everybody, including Andre Johnson, knew the Texans had to pick up a pass-catcher early on, and the team came through in a big way.

Hopkins now pencils in as a No. 2 receiver for Matt Schaub, and instantly makes the Houston offense, a little bit better. So with their top objective completed, the Texans proceeded to go out and add to their already good defense, while bulking up a little bit on offense.

In round two, they picked up SS D.J. Swearinger, who should get immediate playing time in the secondary. The hope for the Texans, is that he’ll eventually replace Ed Reed. But that’s a few years down the road, for now, they’ve got a valuable young talent, who will be able to hold his own when he gets a chance.

As the rounds progressed, the Texans added a good mix of offense and defense, including two linebackers and offensive tackles each: (89) OT Brennan Williams, (95) OLB Sam Montgomery, (124) OLB Trevardo Williams (176) OT David Quessenberry, (195) WR Alan Bonner, (233) DT Chris Jones (201) TE Ryan Griffin.

With a very good units already in place on both sides of the ball, Houston did a real nice job adding quality depth with this draft class. I especially like the offensive picks, because that’s where the Texans need to take the next step. Here they’ve added a top-tier receiver, two tackles, and another WR and TE for good measure. All of it should lead to more points on the board, which is what they need to finally win the AFC.


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