Tim Tebow To The Baltimore Ravens A Likely Spot

By Wola Odeniran

The Baltimore Ravens are always looking for versatility. Whether you are a running back, tight end or any other position on the team, the Ravens want play-makers that can make the team more flexible and less predictable. They are also defending champions. There have been no real source or hints at this point if the Ravens are interested which is why it’s very important that if Tim Tebow wants to stay in the league, the Ravens will be one of the spots he chooses.

The quarterback position is settled. It’s highly unlikely that Tebow would start under any circumstance, even if an injury was involved. But if he can be a third wheel to the offense like a tight end or a fullback, he would have a place on the team.

In years past the Ravens  would try variations of the wildcat offense during the regular season from time to time with a former Raven Troy Smith at quarterback and more recently with Tyrod Taylor at quarterback. Now even though Tebow does not run the wildcat, he could add a dimension to it if called upon. But we are talking a few plays here and there.

Would Joe Flacco have a problem with it? Probably not. At first he might ask what is going on, but at the end of the day he got his new deal. Even if he didn’t get his new deal, Flacco would not be rattled by the situation like Mark Sanchez was.

What about Terrell Suggs? He has had his issues with Tebow in the past, but would that be taken into consideration? Probably not. The Ravens organization usually operates under what they think is right and don’t worry all that much about what players think.

Would Tebow be there for the long term? It depends. But at the very least, it could be a situation worth kicking the tires to see what he has.

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