New Universal Overtime Rules Will Benefit Fans, At Least


NFL owners voted today to take the playoff over-time (OT) rules and apply them to the regular-season as well. Also in effect for 2012 is replay on every turnover, similar to the new procedure implemented last year where every scoring play is […]

Bold Moves In 2011 Put Falcons In Neutral In 2012

In 2011, the Atlanta Falcons were a team on the rise. The franchise had suffered years of futility following the Michael Vick scandal, watching the team collapse without their star, like a poor man’s version of the Indianapolis Colts. But with […]

Madden Cover Curse Seems More Like the Blame Game

Everyone has heard of the “Madden Curse”. Madden being the popular EA Sports NFL video game, the curse being the unfortunate events that follow each years’ cover boy. It’s a growing superstition, especially as we enter a screen-obsessed generation and […]