Kansas Jayhawks Commit Andrew Wiggins Vertical Leap Is Out Of Control

Andrew Wiggins Jabari Parker High School Basketball: McDonald's All American Games

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Recently saw the tweet below and have to say that Andrew Wiggins vertical leap is out of this world. He will shock other forwards next year who try to block his shot only to watch Wiggins ascend in his elevator and then dunk with ferocity. Just ask Cole Aldrich if it is a good idea to get in Wiggins’ way.

Bill Simmons even did a podcast with Chad Ford lately mentioning Wiggins; Simmons has been adamant that most mediocre teams next year would be better off tanking and trying to get Wiggins. You know his hometown team is doing it.

Wiggins was named Gatorade’s high school boys basketball player of the year and he is up for athlete of the year on July 16th. In my mind, it would be surprising if Wiggins did not win but we will just have to wait and see. Stay tuned in to Rant Sports for coverage of those awards as well as interviews with some of the nominees and presenters.

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  • BMonstaC

    Really lazy writing. You could ask Cole Aldrich if it’s a good idea to get in the way of Wiggins and I’m pretty sure he’d tell ya: Not at a Bill Self camp when you are a guest, Not when all the 12 year olds in the stands wanted to see Wiggins dunk, Not if you risk injury to yourself or to a highly touted Freshman at a school you love, Not, Not, Not. Any other time, probably. You need to find a story yourself instead of bandwagon hopping with this BS. It’s not like he jumped over anyone. There was no poster, no facial. Just a class act ex-Jayhawk saying show em what u got Andrew—-I’ll let ya. You think you have a flair for the dramatic but at the end of the day it’s just another example of really LAZY writing. Start, or stop using your imagination—-but at least make it accurate