Video: Eli Manning on Saturday Night Live

By Andrew Fisher

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning took center stage last night, as he hosted Saturday Night Live.

Take a look at what most people are calling the skit of the night:

Click HERE to watch the video if there are technical issues.

I was very skeptical that Eli could pull off hosting SNL, but I was also skeptical that he’d win a Super Bowl, let alone two.

Overall, Eli did a good job. Will he have a second career in acting once he’s done playing football? I don’t think so, but he did way better than I thought he would.

I suppose playing in front of millions and millions of people all over the world, in the biggest game of the year, will help take the pressure off. Plus the fact that he is the quarterback of the New York football Giants, arguably the highest pressure gig in all of sports.

Let’s not forget that as always, people are comparing Eli to his older brother Peyton Manning. Peyton hosted a couple years back, and really knocked it out of the park, so Eli had even more to live up to with his performance. Did Eli top Petyon? Not this time.

Peyton clearly just has more of a knack for acting and just television in general. The guy has done a commercial for about every product out there. Eli does his fair share of TV time, but he just won’t ever be in Peyton’s league in that category.

Of course to category that counts the most is Super Bowl victories, and we all know who’s winning that one. I think Peyton can make it back to the big game, and wouldn’t it be cool if it was against his little brother Eli.

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