Los Angeles Angels Second Spot in Batting Order is Greatly Desired

By David Miller
Mike Trout Los Angeles Angels
Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Some teams cruise through the off-season with little or no free agent moves and no trades to speak of. Some are happy if their club is slowly building for the future. Others however are not always okay with a slower pace. Some teams go out with a load of blank checks and make sure the entire baseball world knows they are all in. The Los Angeles Angels are definitely all in for 2013. The free agents they have signed and the moves they have made have led to a very unique problem.

With Torii Hunter gone to play for the Detroit Tigers this season, there is a crowded group trying to gain the second spot in the batting order. Why in the world would that be important? Well, if you could imagine hitting behind Mike Trout and in front of Albert Pujols and Josh Hamilton,  you probably understand why there is basically a line at the manager’s door.

The possibilities are very attractive indeed. Any hitter would like the dynamic abilities of Trout distracting the pitcher and getting himself into scoring position. That would make any plate appearance an almost definite RBI opportunity. Consider that if the new second place hitter gets on base he has two legendary caliber players to drive him in. Basically it’s a no lose situation for whoever gets that second batting order slot. I’m not completely sold on how good of a year either Trout, Pujols or Hamilton will have. If they come anywhere close to as good as they can be, the second batter in the line-up might skip to and from home plate come summer.


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