Jesse Crain Makes An Unwise Choice To Pitch For Team Canada In World Baseball Classic

By Evan Crum
Dennis Wierzbicki-US Presswire

Jesse Crain has decided that he will be pitching for Team Canada in the upcoming World Baseball Classic (WBC). I hope that this doesn’t affect how Crain pitches for the Chicago White Sox come 2013. In fact, I hope that any White Sox player who will be playing in the WBC won’t be adversely affected.

I have nothing against playing for your country. In fact, I enjoy watching NHL players play in the Olympics. But there is the difference between playing in the Olympics and playing in the WBC. At least for me, the Olympics are a lot bigger deal then the WBC.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Crain said “We have a lot of time to get ready. I’ll have about 3 1/2 weeks with my team before I report (to Team Canada) on March 3. I got to think I’ll get into one or two spring training games before I leave.”

I hope for Crain’s sake, and for the White Sox’s, that the Canadian team doesn’t use him that much. I don’t want to see Crain get hurt or look tired later on during the season. I also sincerely hope that the lack of Spring Training games won’t affect how he pitches as well.

My opinion is that playing in the WBC affects a pitcher like Crain more than Alex Rios, for example, who is playing for Team Puerto Rico. Crain’s arm might become more tired later in the 2013 season due to some of the innings he would pitch for Team Canada. I don’t believe that the extra at-bats that Rios will have will affect him as adversely as Crain’s extra pitches will.

I don’t want any White Sox players to play in the WBC, but I know that won’t happen. I just hope that Crain’s decision doesn’t hurt him.

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