Boston Celtics: Guard Jason Terry Takes On Mentor Role

By Rob Nelson

BOSTON- Boston Celtics President Danny Ainge knew that he was getting a profesional scorer that could help solve the Celtics offensive woes when he inked Jason Terry to a contract. However, scoring was not the only way Terry is going to help this team. Terry it appears has taken rookie Dionte Christmas under his wing. Terry mentoring the young guard could pay huge dividends for the Boston Celtics.

In a recent interview Christmas went over how Terry is changing a lot of the routines of the young guard. Terry made it clear that they would be spending a lot of time together. The first lessons Terry is preaching are respect for the game (hustling on every play), respect for every opponent, and going hard in practice. Christmas’s own practice routine was relaxed before Terry started having him push himself more and more every day. The harder Christmas goes in practice the better the player that he will become for the Celtics. Respecting every opponent means bringing your A game no matter who is in front of Christmas at either end of the floor. By not taking anyone lightly, Christmas will be ahead of the mental curve of most NBA rookies.

Terry mentoring Christmas is huge for Boston, Christmas has a ton of upside as he is very athletic, can score, and has the ability to defend. Christmas’s Summer League performance showed that he has the tools to be a very effective NBA player. Learning from Terry the right way to practice and play will unlock the talent in Christmas and give Boston more depth at the guard position. Also the young guard may one day be able to step into Terry’s role once he retires after a few more seasons.

Terry’s mentoring of Christmas is another example of why the Terry signing was great. Jason Terry is not only a score, but a leader. There are many talented scorers in the NBA, but not a lot of leaders. A veteran that will show a young guy the ropes is worth his weight in gold. The mentoring trait is why Kevin Garnett is so valuable to the Celtics organization. Making your teammates better is huge for both team chemistry and creating a winning environment Now it appears the Celtics have another leader in the KG mold. This fact means one can plan on Boston getting contributions from their young guys this year with these veterans showing the way. Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!!!

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