Golden State Warriors Slowly Becoming NBA Contender

By Jeric Griffin
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

When David Lee signed with the Golden State Warriors as a free agent a couple of summers back, everyone thought he was nuts. The Warriors were an average team at best, and Lee was a pretty hot free agent name looking to sign with a contender. When he chose Golden State, he caused many heads to be scratched, but now it appears he knew what he was doing. The Warriors are slowly becoming a title contender like the other young, up-and-coming teams in the NBA.

The rivalry between the Oklahoma City Thunder and Miami Heat is indeed the new Celtics-Lakers and likely will be for the next half a dozen years at least, but those are not the only two young, loaded teams in the league. If Derrick Rose can ever stay on the court, the Chicago Bulls will be a force once again for the first time since Michael Jordan‘s second retirement. Both New York teams are putting together solid squads as well, so the older, washed-up teams are now falling by the wayside. However, in the midst of it all are the Warriors.

Golden State hit the jackpot with Stephen Curry, who is getting better with each passing game. Adding Andrew Bogut brings a presence in the paint this team hasn’t seen in decades. Lee is consistent on both ends of the floor and can quietly take over games when needed. Harrison Barnes is going to be a star and he’s in the right place to do just that with the guidance of Warriors head coach Mark Jackson.

This team could easily knock off a higher seed in the 2013 NBA playoffs and then be a higher seed in 2014 and beyond. Don’t be surprised to see Curry and company in the Finals within the next three years.

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