Mitch Kupchak Needs to Make Some Off-Season Moves

By Babak Movahed

The end of the Los Angeles Lakers’ season approaches, and we Laker fans can’t help but accept the failure that this year has been. The reasons for such an unremarkable season are numerous, and at this point, can’t fall on the shoulders of any one person.

Earlier in the year, I had felt that Mitch Kupchak was the primary reason to the Lakers’ woes, which I still believe is true; well, Kupchak and the numerous injuries that have ailed the team all season long. Alas there is nothing more that can be done.

So now we have to think about what should be done for next season. Well I have a few recommendations for the team, all of which fit Mike D’Antoni’s system.

First and foremost, Kupchak has got to gut a majority of team, and by that I mean he’s got let go of the entire bench, with the exception of maybe Steve Blake. D’Antoni needs to have a bench that is going to generate offense and speed, which the Lakers can manage to obtain if they acquire young players that can shoot their open looks.

Next, and the most important thing, Kupchak should focus on convincing Dwight Howard to stay. Howard is an excellent player and no matter what critics have said, has had a solid year.

Also, I believe that the Lakers have to try and trade Pau Gasol, and some extra players, for Greivis Vasquez and Ryan Anderson. Those two players would be amazing contributions for the Lakers because they will get their much need stretch four, and a young passing point guard.

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