2013 NBA Draft: What Would Ben McLemore Bring to Orlando Magic?

By Christian Tamayo
Ben Mclemore
Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

With the second overall selection in the 2013 NBA Draft, the Orlando Magic are in a position of luxury as they completely rebuild the team. While this class doesn’t boast the deepest talent pool in recent memory, the NBA Draft is typically one of the more top-heavy drafts in professional sports. Sitting at number two, however, could put you in a position to snag a superstar for years to come.

One of the hottest players in the draft is Kansas swingman, Ben McLemore. McLemore has one of the more ‘NBA-ready’ games in this year’s draft, and he’s certainly not short of confidence saying he thinks he can score 20 points a game right now. McLemore , listed around 6’4″, is a bit undersized for a two-guard position, but he’s a strong player and has superior athleticism.

Offensively, McLemore has sweet stroke from distance, and you can see him forming into a knockdown shooter as he continues to improve. He’s shown the ability to get to the rim, as he’s an explosive player, but his ball handling still needs to improve in order to get better shots for himself off the dribble. His athleticism can be an asset defensively as well since he’s quick enough to stick with players he’ll be guarding in the NBA. His strength could help him overcome his lack of height, but he still has a lot to improve on defensively.

McLemore has been criticized for having moments on the floor where he looks uninterested and just blends in with his teammates. If the Magic were to take McLemore second overall, he would need to have the confidence in himself to take his shots and become a focal point of the offense. However, there is no denying the fact that McLemore has the potential to develop into a perennial All-Star at the NBA level wherever he is taken.



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