Milwaukee Bucks Must Not Trade Ersan Ilyasova

By Michael Terrill
Milwaukee Bucks Must Not Trade Ersan Ilyasova
Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

There is a rumor circulating that the Milwaukee Bucks plan on trading forward Ersan Ilyasova to the Washington Wizards for the third overall pick in the 2013 NBA Draft. As much as the Bucks need a young talented superstar who can score consistently in order to improve the team immensely, giving up Ilyasova for an unproven player could be detrimental.

Ilyasova is a legitimate scorer who is also a beast on the boards. Not to mention, he converted 44.4 percent of his 2.9 3-point field goal attempts per game this past season, which is unbelievable for someone with his style of play. There is no question he is the most offensively gifted big man the Bucks have on their roster, which is a big reason why it is puzzling the organization would want to move him.

The 26-year-old is also an asset on defense. He averaged 5.0 defensive rebounds per game and can take a charge like nobody’s business. He may not block as many shots as some of his teammates, but he is capable of creating turnovers.

If Milwaukee did decide to trade Ilyasova to Washington, or any team for that matter, there is a good chance that is because the organization has decided to go into rebuild mode. Certainly, it is not the direction the fan base wanted to see the team go after finally getting back to the playoffs last season. With that being said, there is no doubt that the Bucks must make some drastic changes in order to improve the team, especially with Monta Ellis and others possibly leaving in free agency.

It will be interesting to see what transpires with the rumor with the draft right around the corner.

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