Football 101 with Tennessee Titans to Benefit Breast Cancer

By Stephanie Umek
Matt Hasselbeck against Colts

Tomorrow the Tennessee Titans will be hosting a breast cancer fundraiser in partnership with Baptist Sports Medicine and Ashton Real Estate.

I will be attending this event and I couldn’t be more excited. The day is going to start at 9:30 a.m. with registration from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The attendees will participate in a Football 101 course that includes classes taught by some of the current coaches. There will also be a light scrimmage in which the ladies attending the event will get to meet some current and former Titans players.

On top of the classes and scrimmage, the team store will of course be open and they will have a silent auction with Titans gear and breast cancer gear in which the proceeds will go to breast cancer research.

I have yet to meet any of the Titans team face to face, so as a fan and journalist this is an experience that I am very excited for. The foundation is smart for not announcing what athletes will be there. That is a way to get even more people to show up.

I am not sure what kind of group is going to show up but I do know that this is the first year that they have run the fundraiser and they are at their maximum amount of people. There’s just one thing I have yet to decide this weekend.

Being from Chicago, do I choose the Chicago Bears or the Titans? Maybe if it wasn’t for that killer defense…

The proceeds of the fundraiser will benefit the Tennessee Breast Cancer Coalition. Follow me @StephanieUmek on Twitter for updates throughout the day!

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